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Functional Medicine

Ready to dive deeper? Get to the root cause of your symptoms with functional lab testing.

Have you had blood work done with your provider but everything is normal? You’re frustrated, because it seems like something is missing. You don’t feel “normal”. Let’s get to the root cause with a Functional Medicine approach.

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Functional Lab Testing

Explore our comprehensive range of advanced diagnostic tests designed to provide detailed insights into your health:

The DUTCH test reveals a wealth of information about your hormonal balance and adrenal function. This advanced assessment goes beyond conventional methods, offering a thorough analysis to guide personalized treatment plans.
Uncover potential triggers affecting your well-being through comprehensive testing that identifies food allergies and sensitivities.
Dive into the intricacies of your gut health with the GI Map test. This cutting-edge analysis delves into the microbial landscape of your digestive system, providing valuable data to address imbalances and optimize your overall well-being.
Elevate your understanding of your body's internal dynamics with our Functional Blood Chemistry test. This comprehensive analysis goes beyond standard blood tests, offering detailed insights into various biomarkers. Uncover key indicators to support a proactive and personalized approach to your health.
Empower yourself with knowledge by exploring our advanced testing options, allowing you to make informed decisions about your health and well-being.
Genetic testing serves as a powerful tool in uncovering the root causes of health conditions by providing valuable insights into one's unique genetic makeup.
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Revitalize your health by addressing the root causes of your symptoms through our Functional Medicine approach and targeted a la carte services.


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