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About Us

It's time for your Queen Bee Era

Hey there! My name is Lori Aikman and I’m a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C) with a passion for functional medicine.

While working in a conventional Family Medicine Practice, I noticed a pattern in my female patients. Women in their 30s and 40s, often moms, just didn’t feel like themselves any more. They were exhausted and struggling to lose weight. They had new mood swings, no libido, irregular cycles and more.
I did everything my conventional medicine training taught me to but everything would turn up “normal.” Intuitively I knew there was something more going on with these women. This led me searching for answers until I found Functional Medicine.
Functional Medicine is often called “root cause medicine” because we’re taking a deeper look to understand what’s causing the symptoms you’re having and working from there.
Now in my practice I combine my 12+ years of experience in conventional medicine with an additional 4+ years of functional medicine training to provide comprehensive and holistic care to my patients.
As a busy working mom of 3, I understand first hand the needs and demands you have as a busy working woman and have been through my own health journey as well!
The Queen Bee Medicine brand was born out of the desire to help women feel like the Queen Bee in their own life. So often I see women’s health suffering because they put everyone and everything else first and their self care is on the back burner.
I am honored to partner with you on your health journey and I invite you to step into your own Queen Been version!

Lori Aikman

Founder & Lead Nurse Practitioner at Queen Bee Medicine
Photo of Lory Aikman sitting in a chair and smiling at the camera.

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Experience the difference with Queen Bee as we guide you through this transformative phase and work towards enhancing your overall quality of life.
Photo of Lory Aikman sitting in a chair and smiling at the camera.


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