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Elevating Your Holistic Health Journey

At Queen Bee Medicine, we believe you deserve nothing less than optimal holistic healthcare. We are committed to providing personalized, comprehensive solutions that cater to your unique well-being. From cutting-edge diagnostics to specialized treatments, we’re here to guide you on a transformative journey toward optimal health.

Holistic Health Journey


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How It Works

We’ve streamlined the healthcare access process, making it as easy as 1,2,3.


Schedule an appointment to share your experiences, allowing us to understand how best to address your needs.


To uncover the root cause of your concerns, we conduct thorough testing, guiding us in tailoring an effective treatment plan.

Treatment Plan

Receive your personalized treatment plan conveniently delivered to your door, eliminating the need for doctor's office visits and long pharmacy lines. Your health, simplified and accessible.


What They Say

Kathryn Lowry July 2023

Lori and her team at Vibrant Woman have been amazing! I found them at the perfect time that I was really looking to elevate my health but felt unsure which way to go. It is overwhelming out there trying to regulate hormones and live a better life and I am so grateful to have found Lori who is just so amazingly authentic and caring, she was exactly what I was looking for! My results have been great so far! I have increased my energy, lowered my anxiety and even lost a pant size! I would absolutely recommend Lori and Vibrant Woman to any woman struggling to find answers to her health despite endlessly trying! The program has been easy to follow and the support has been right there in every way. Please do yourself a favor and let Lori help you feel better! She really really cares!

Caroline Chandler December 2022

I was recommended to Lori after years of going to doctors trying to figure out the cause of my symptoms. I felt daily pain in my stomach, was bloated, and often fatigued. I was hitting the gym a few times a week and getting nowhere. It was the definition of feeling stuck in a rut. Doing a deep dive into my health with Lori found some things that were contributing to my symptoms. I got serious about cutting out triggering foods and focusing on balancing out my body. I feel significantly better. My brain fog is decreasing along with my bloating and stomach pain. I also feel mentally better that after years of trying to figure out my body I'm finally getting some results. I really feel like Lori did a great job explaining the "why" behind what was happening and explaining how we were trying to fix it. It made it easier to understand the information and make positive steps in my life. Thank you SO MUCH!

Eliza Lorenz May 2023

I am feeling soooo much better. My energy is top notch and I feel like I'm finally getting my life back on track. I have the ability to actually enjoy things and not feel so run down, which is awesome! I really do recommend you to almost anyone I come across that's feeling a little bit off, because having a transformative outcome was extremely impactful on my life. Now, I'm not stuck limiting myself because I'm "too tired" or "my stomach is upset". Now I have the tools in place to make consistent changes and really feel my energy levels coming back strong.

Kim Dean December 2022

Lori is a true professional who goes above and beyond to help her clients. Her focus on women’s overall health and wellness is a refreshing take on medicine. She meticulously goes through your test results with you and ensures that each step she takes is beneficial to your overall health. I started seeing Lori since my stomach issues were interfering with my everyday life and no “traditional” doctor could figure out what was wrong. Lori found out I was allergic to several foods and helped clear a bacterial overgrowth. If you are struggling with your health, don’t look any further. Lori will help you. Thank you Lori for helping me get down to the root of my issues. I feel like you found the missing links and started to rebuild me properly. I feel better than I have in a really long time.

Lauren Brandin-Brown January 2023

“My experience with Lori has been absolutely incredible! I’ve had stomach issues for over 10+ years and FINALLY got answers when I started working with Lori! I had fatigue, bloating, brain fog, stomach discomfort, trouble sleeping, and a number of other ailments. I’m only halfway through my protocol and I feel like a new person! I have improved mental clarity, increased energy, better sleep, elevated mood, and healthy digestion! I’m sincerely so very thankful for Lori and the work we have done together. This process has been truly life-changing for me! Highly recommend!!”

Lindsey Courson July 2023

I came to Lori because I knew I needed help. I have a medical background and knew I wasn’t right but couldn’t put a finger on what the problem really was and neither could a doctor. I was exhausted, had brain fog, lacked motivation, headaches, couldn’t lose weight, and wasn’t sleeping great. She was so kind in her approach and helped me to see some of the issues by using hormone and gut testing along with food sensitivities. Even though I was exercising and eating extremely clean I wasn’t absorbing it. We made some lifestyle adjustments, went through detox, and worked on my hormones and gut. The results were AMAZING! I didn’t know I could feel this good and understand my body more and know when I need to slow down and know what to eat to feel good. My life is completely different and my mental status changed to focused and alert. I’m functioning on a much higher level. So glad I didn’t listen to all the negativity about what’s normal for women and moms at my age. It’s NOT normal. So thankful to be thriving, growing, and enjoying life! Thank you Lori:)

Morgan Walker January 2023

I wanted to share some positives with you. I have been eating mostly meat (grass fed from a cow we bought and my husband's elk meat). Noticing a big difference in feeling full longer and just good overall between meals. We 100% don't eat out anymore and the only sugar I have is fresh fruit. Everyone I see has noticed a difference in how I look and feel. I need to check my weight from when we started working together but I am down to 151 and that was the weight I was when I met my husband 10 years ago! I don't eat anymore packaged processed foods and it is making such a difference!
I have been trying to stay consistent with going to bed at a good time, waking up, not going on my phone in the am, opening up the blinds to see the sunlight, I do at least 15 minutes of a workout and then I do the cold shower before my hot shower. I have been doing my best to have lots of times during the day where I just sit and do nothing but pray and give the Lord my worries/stresses. I have been really prioritizing peace and relaxation while also balancing physical activity and eating right.
I just wanted to share because this has been so helpful in my healing process with you. This was the step towards even better health. I wish I would have known long ago how important it is to manage our stress, how to prioritize rest and eating whole foods. I know eliminating the foods that were causing me bad reactions changed me as well. Stopping dairy and gluten was very hard at first but now I realize how much it is just not needed in our diets!


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